Friday, 5 December 2008


We tolerate surprisingly little extroversion in Britain (though we seem keen to indulge banks that can’t count). But I’m in a talk to strangers and dance in the rain mood right now. Things have been a bit of a whirlwind over the last few days, and in the nicest possible way. Including work; though it remains hugely busy (the annual leave ban remains in force for months and months) I am genuinely excited by my new projects – as well as keeping some of my existing projects. It’ll be tough, but it should be challenging in the way I like – stimulating intellectually, genuinely knotty problems, busy, yet getting things done.

But enough of work! On Wednesday there was an evening trip to Harvey Nichols with some of my bestest friends, which involved champagne cocktails, and Manhattans, and other cocktails I don’t quite remember. Then onto Liberty, and onward further then to even more cocktails. Yum yum, yum yum. This, of course, meant I was slightly worse for wear – but only slightly, gentle reader – for International’s return.

Thursday: this time I was an overrunning meeting with NGOs, or similar. As you may have gathered I am happy to take what I’m given. Nevertheless International and I certainly made up for lost time (a new sofa will be added soon to the Christmas list). Fun all night and fun all morning [double plus ;-)]. International was, not unconnectedly, in quite a good mood this morning which makes a change. Light or dark, rain or shine, I of course remain evermore, unchanging in my loveliness, the Cheerful Fairy.

And here we have Friday; I did other things beginning with F today. I bought a phone and some fairy lights. I’m SO pleased with the phone. Check it out! A fabulous edition to my home office. Have I dialled myself? Of course I have! Bling bling, ring ring. At the third stroke, the time (sponsored by my bank manager) will be fabulous o’clock.

International did not Talk to Ouch at the weekend – it didn’t come up. And, interestingly, I have noticed as time goes by it is harder, and hard, for me to talk of Ouch in a ‘your boyfriend’ ‘your partner’ sense. So… well, it’s not easy but then what’s new? It was, though, good to just be in his arms that night. Being in love like this makes all the petty hardships and little stressors in life all worthwhile (as, of course, do shopping and cocktails too). And, sorry so sorry, but him being a great lover really makes a difference. It just does.

So then, deep breath, relax. No more sugar for Mike. But I end the week more in love than I was before and happier, not so much for that, but because I have done nothing to challenge it, or analyse it, or take the shine off my unalloyed delight. So maybe I shall rest here in this place a little while longer…


Monty said...

My goodness, you DID take the happy pills didn't you! You sound very cheerful indeed and that's a lovely thing! Enjoy!!!

Mike said...

It's amazing what a bit of retail therapy between cocktails do ;-)