Thursday, 11 December 2008


International took me ice skating last night! We went to the Natural History Museum and went on the ice outside there. It was tremendous fun; I’d never been ice skating before. Thus I fell over, a lot, and today have sore arms and legs and appear to have come perilously close to a groin strain. Tee Hee. It was so sweet of him to treat me; and of him to hold my hand as I skittered hither and thither across the ice, scaring no small number of people along the way (to his intense amusement; in some cultures I might be expected to marry some of the people I blundered into. All a bit embarassing).

Afterward we went to Earls Court for a lovely Chinese meal and smooches in a ‘friendly’ venue – but that had been transformed since International’s last visit into a gastro-pub. So back to the retro bar for us it was to end the evening off.

It was a wonderful evening and he was so nice. He held my hand wherever we walked and told me how much he loved me. I don't deserve* such treatment

Of course our conversation turned to our situation, if only briefly. International did see to be a bit annoyed that I was so tolerant of the status quo; but I explained that (a) pressurising him to make a change would not be nice (b) it would not be healthy for our relationship and (c) I wouldn’t want him to precipitately take action he’d regret. In part that last one comes from an uncertainty that I can yet compete with the six-figure earning suave and sophisticated Frenchman. After all, I can barely spell (see last post!).

But, but, but, what a great night. The way he makes me feel really helps me get through the tough times – and right now things are a bit tough with the sheer volume of work if nothing else. I’m going to have to sit my employers down and see if we can get rid of at least two of my nine projects. Just so you know - accident and emergency; trauma and orthopaedics; mental health; workforce strategy; patient and public awareness; patient surveys; primary care development; annual planning for 09/10; and day to day oversight of about nine hospitals. Not that I’m showing off ;-)

Yes, love is grand.

International and I will hopefully be having muches smooches and double plus more on Saturday, oh fingers so very crossed gentle reader. On that occasion I will be cunningly disguised as an errand for an elderly aunt. But I don’t mind. I’m totally loved up right now. And it really, really makes it all worthwhile.


Monty said...

POINT 1 - and let me make this VERY clear! YOU DO DESERVE THIS! You are a sweet, gentle, loving guy and you deserve to find your One True Love! (and in the meantime, lots of shags)

Point 2 - the you mean International is French? Or is this someone else? I'm confused. :-)

Glad you're all loved up!

Mike said...

Aw that's so sweet; I guess maybe I do deserve it all a little bit... and shags, most deffo ;-)

As for Ouch, yes he is French, sorry; my attitude toward him is hardening as he gots my man and that. Naughty bad Mike!