Saturday, 13 December 2008

Rainy Day

I went out last night to my friend’s leaving do and got very, very drunk. I had a really good time and got a healthy reminder of the importance of good friends. I love and adore mine, and must take better care of them in future!

In other news International and I did not meet up today; he couldn’t make it. We had a slightly strained discussion last night via the medium of text messaging; he seemed somewhat stressed and distant – though he insisted when pressed that all is well. Now it seems we shall not see each other until 22 December.

I recognise that we may not see each other too often (Ouch etc). Yet, the truth of the matter is I have, I think, a pretty high sex drive. When together International and I average two or three times a day. Sadly, that day only comes every two weeks. And to go from an average of a new partner every other day to sexual intimacy one day per fortnight is a sudden change. Anyone who reads this blog might know that I particularly enjoy threesomes and it was not unknown for me to have two or three assignations in a day [he boasts, he boasts]. After all, I’m not so long out of my closet and only then because it turned out there wasn’t really room in there for two.

Don’t get me wrong, International is a good and attentive lover and I like to think I know a trick or two. We do actively explore passion and I like those serendipitous discoveries (“Oh you like that, do you?” He thinks whilst leaning back just so). Mostly it’s just a 'I like sex and want more, oh so much more', thing.

One effect this has had is people are beginning to notice my arms becoming more developed. Another is that I sometimes still go on gaydar and Squirt for a look around. I get a bit jealous of people that are having more and better sex than me, you see (International is not the only one who might like to have his cake and eat it!).

Today on gaydar I had quite a bit of interest. One guy is the architect I hooked up with before and wrote about a while ago. It was nice of him to get in touch (I’m always flattered when past lovers do) and I certainly did not discourage him. Another was a guy in the local area who sadly proved unsuitable because he flatly refused to practise safe sex. A pity really, as he fit the bill otherwise rather well; who knows what may have happened? And the third turned out to be in Harrow which is unfortunately far away.

So, monomagous still – though exploring my options once again. No doubt on or around 22
December the pendulum will swing back the other way. In the meantime, gentle reader, there is tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…

PS I thought about updating my profile pictures on gaydar today, but the morning after a night spanking it hard is not the best time as you can see!


Monty said...

Ya still look pretty spunky anyway! No wonder you get flooded with meeting requests online! The boys of London must be in mourning now that the delectable Mike is off the scene!!! ;-)

Mike said...

Ha! Flattery will get you everywhere!! I think somehow the boys of London will be able to amuse themselves without me for a while...