Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Halfway through the week, and as per I’m really busy. But, strangely, loving the work and really feel challenged and that I’m working at a higher level than ever [reward, please?]. Fortunately, though, I have two weeks off from Friday, and yes while I will have occasionally to pop into the office, I’m going to enjoy the break.

As last year I’m spending Christmas with various neighbours and friends. And it looks like a bumper crop of social events that will be double plus fun, I reckon. Drinks last night, out again tomorrow. International on Saturday (followed by cocktails at a friend’s) and Monday International again; I hope he’s on the mend. If not, well then the bondage tape I got as a Christmas present on Tuesday might come in very handy… if not, the lovely book I was also given might!

As for the other days; well, ‘tis the season:

Friday I have tentatively scheduled an evening’s entertainment with a local gentleman. As so often happens with Squirt we’d messaged/emailed before but nothing came of it. Then tonight… well, we shall see. It’s easy to be imprudent on Squirt as things more often come to naught there, in my experience, at least compared to gaydar. But as mentioned before; Squirt has a broader range of clientele to enjoy. So it balances out in its own way.

Sunday… well, I’m a very naughty boy and as such have tentatively further arranged to spend it with a young man from Eltham for what promises to be hours of fun, oh my.

And tonight… well, my quiet night in was interrupted by a steamingly pornographic cybersex session with, you’ve guessed it, yet another guy from Squirt…

Oh, gentle reader, come now! Did you think I would be resolute after vacillating for so long? Lets us consider it thus: International – whom I love and adore – is as yet unsure how many boyfriends he wants; and remains yet unwilling to formally acknowledge me to be one of them (though there is no doubt I’m a candidate!). Love and sex are not the same thing, certainly not at three months I would submit. And my counsellor says it’s OK. And it’s Christmas… So why not?

As an aside, on Squirt I find myself persistently propositioned by really young guys – 18, 19, 20 etc. Far too young for me (in my mind at least). Sunday’s child is 21, which is barely respectable; in the sense one might say “whilst not respectable, 21 is still…” but after so many propositions from so many of these young guys I thought, well, again, why not?

Can you have too much of a good thing?


Monty said...

Hey, when they're 21, they can just go and go and go and go and go! It's like double double double PLUS fun!!! You'll end up absolutely wasted afterwards, but you'll have spent the entire night shagging like rabbits on viagra! How good is that!!! Christmas is a time for giving and it sounds like you're giving yourself left right and centre! Well done you!!! I'm a fan of your work!

Big Aussie hug!


Mike said...

That's the plan. I little Xmas treat to myself. T'is better to give than to receive, they say - though at the risk of sounding saucy there's no reason not to do both!