Monday, 15 February 2010


February 14th marked my first Valentine ’s Day in a proper relationship. Darren feel between two stoops in that we went from April to October; and International and I ended things a few weeks before the event last year.

So: hurrah for milestones… etc.

The weekend passed quite smoothly, bar the small hiccup of some cross words on Saturday night – entirely started by me getting huffy; but then Frumpella can be a dick sometimes. Still, overall, I think it is agreed, a lovely weekend was enjoyed by all.

On Friday we went out, Fella and I, with some friends for a boozy evening in the pub before heading home for a decent night’s sleep and a very long lie-in on Saturday morning. Fella was working on Saturday so after a nice early dinner he and I went to St James’s and I sat in on the concert there; some Mozart and Haydn played by Belsize Baroque.

After that we went home and ended up watching trash on the tele until the early hours, thus brining us to the main event.

First things first; for breakfast Fella got pancakes with strawberries, maple syrup and lemon curd, and pink champagne.

Then it was time for the gifts. I gave him a lovely warm dressing gown; a box of chocolates; and a compendium of love letters by famous men and women (a la Sex and the City!). He gave me a box of chocolates; some prosecco, and a ring (the proudly adorns my right hand). Most touching of all he gave me a hand made Valentine’s card, the front of which was a photo of us taken at the ball.

In the evening we went to a restaurant in Soho that I chose, with some trepidation, due to the reviews it had been given for both food and service. Now, Fella is a foodie and we think little of spending three figures on posh nosh once in a while… so it was a tough choice to pick somewhere less well appointed. But, as it turned out gentle reader, I done chose well.

The restaurant held its small upstairs dining room for Valentine’s couples; nine tables for two. We were the first to arrive and during our time there, there were never more than five couple at any given time. The décor was very modern, the food was absolutely delightful and the service attentive without being intrusive. Fella was amused that we were sat between a gay female couple and a pair of argumentative northerners. It added for him a certain je ne sais quoi.

There we have it then. All over now. A slight down now it’s past, a certain petit mort… but on the other hand what better way to see us past the nine-month mark? I think this song (as always) sums it up...


Stephen Chapman... said...

Hey mate - like the blogger layout. Where did you get it?!

Volodya/Vlad said...

Sounds great - very romantic! And the restaurant looks quite interesting - we might give it a try next time we're in London... :)

MadeInScotland said...

super nice...and a ring! Perhaps another soon, eh?


Nik_TheGreek said...

I'm happy you got a very nice VD. That restaurant you went to seems very nice as well. I might try it at some point. Thanks.

Antony said...

What a wonderful valentines. Thank you for sharing.

A x

Mike said...

Hi Stephen - I got it from a website just by searching for a three columned blogpost layout in google. I know four- or five-column layouts are around now too. I'm happy to send you the code for mine if you drop me an email; rest assured the usual functionality of adding apps and changing colours still works :-)

Mike said...

The reastaurant really was great. I really do recommend it. As for tha tspecial ring... I'll need to save hard before that comes!