Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Evening All

This is the first evening in a couple of weeks that I’ve had to myself, in that I don’t have to work at home after my time in the office. My project has reached a phase where I’m somewhat redundant. My plans are for others to execute [lightning crashes; maniacal laughter]. Having worked so hard for so long, now seeing it pay off is bitter-sweet.

Fortunately February is a bit of a social whirlwind for me. On Saturday, for example, I have been invited to two concerts and a birthday party, so busy busy busy there. A pirate themed birthday party in Soho does call to me… but a neighbour is having a gig in town so I may do that first.

Of course it’s the weekend after that really interests me. I make no apologies for wanting a proper, proper Valentine’s day. I want a card and chocolates and champagne and flowers and some time that doesn’t involve any of those things or clothes at all. So there.

But – and this is where the Cheerful Fairy comes into his own, gentle reader – I got me a proper boyfriend and relationships being, somewhat tiresomely, about giving as well as taking I have a plan…

Since the New Year Fella’s life has been punctuated by a series of losses. Nothing major – not like family, anyway. He lost a funky pair of blue shoes; my Christmas present to him of a knitted scarf; his MP3 player… well, a lot of things. On Friday night he was in floods of tears after losing his glasses under circumstances I’ll blog about later…

Well, I can’t go back in time. But I can be romantic. Oh yes! So, here’s my plan for the run up to Valentine’s day *giggle*

I’m going to buy him a replacement for the shoes, scarf and MP3 player. But, rather than merely present them, this is what I’m thinking of doing:

On the Thursday night I intend (somehow – details are yet to be fully thought through) to put a box, wrapped in shiny red paper, and containing the new shoes on his desk for him to find Friday morning.

On Saturday I will give him the scarf.

And on Sunday at a dinner in a location to be confirmed – my treat of course – I intend to give him the MP3 player.

A series of presents to make a lovely romantic weekend. OK, so I haven’t fully thought it through and the gaps tend to be filled with champagne and flowers but it’s a start. A good start. Being gay, male and pragmatic I imagine the weekend will go rather well for me too ;-)


Volodya/Vlad said...

Mike, that's a beautifully sweet and romantic plan!

Nik_TheGreek said...

I am not really into Valentine's and all that, but what you have planned seems very nice...

MadeInScotland said...

whatever you do, don't let Fella read that post. Or all will be lost.

Though, he sounds like xfe who isn't really interested in my blog. Maybe he should be. Maybe he'd learn something!!!


Mike said...

Oh, he's strictly forbidden from the blog - but isn't really interested *phew*. Bless 'im but I think I'm on safe ground keeping this plan a surprise!!