Thursday, 14 January 2010

Vexes from exes

It had to happen sooner or later; and as always with these things it’s always unexpected. I came out of the closet and – to cut a long story short – ended up having my fun.

Lots of fun.

Lots of frankly damned good fun, as it goes.

Anyway, it turns out the Ghost of Assignations Past has a job at my current employer. It’s not embarrassing or awkward; it’s just slightly unnerving to bump into someone like that. I mean, fun is fun; but afterward the deal is you stop existing, right?

One of the down sides of this kind of encounter is that your rather fond memories of physical pleasure just so are spoiled by getting to know the person you were… with. A kind of anti-relationship I suppose. This particular guy indicated without any encouragement from, gentle reader, that whilst he might be up for fun he “doesn’t fuck the crew”.

Right then he turned from a delicious piece of nostalgia to a bit of a cock.

Coincidentally another past assignation got in touch. It was rather random, and I’m not sure how best to take it as it doesn’t seem to portray me in a good light. Now, this is someone I met a few times a while ago and it was again just a bit of fun for us both. I’m amazed he still has my number, to be honest.

A text message arrived explaining he (nice for him to be sure) has found himself a boyfriend. And, if I ever meet the boyfriend, I shouldn’t tell him that me and theis past-assignation ever hooked up.

Right…. OK. Well, my lips are sealed. But now I’m thinking: is it because I’m something to be ashamed of? Or am I so indiscreet? As if I'm likely to walk in and loudly exclaim "Hi X! I was just thinking about that time I got you with my candlestick in your ballroom". Well, in all frankness, I don’t think it can be either of those things. This guy has probably tried to convince his new beau that he’s is pure and virtuous. LMFA (pardon the pun) O!

Well if we are to be saintly let us remember the words St Augustine of Hippo: “Lord, give me chastity… but not yet”. Good luck to him say I. And mind your manners!!


Nik_TheGreek said...

No, I don't think it has anything to do personally with you.It's his ass trying to cover telling you not to mention anything...
It's a small world after all... :-)

Antony said...

Firstly I'd say acceptance from your partner is the most important thing, including acceptance of your past.

The reality is that even if you had not had a history of assignations you could still bump in to an ex with fella: trust me it's happened to me. :)

I guess the question for me would be: what does fella want to know? Does it want to walk in to the room knowing him over there you've assignated or not? His choice. Sometimes it's TMI (too much info.).

As for the guy where you work. Next time you see him smile and give him a look to demonstrate you understand completely what he thinks and are more than happy with it (seen as you have wonderful fella).


A x

Mike said...

"Assignated" - I like that. I think it was just a law of large numbers thing. I have no secrets - even the ones Fella doesn't want to know!