Thursday, 14 January 2010


Well, I will say the year has got off to a flying start – hence the paucity of blogging and indeed the BOGOF on posts today.

So where are we at, and that?

The world of work is as it has ever been. Busy. Yes, busy. Did I ever mention I was busy at work? I am, don’t y’know. Today my first major project since promotion came to fruition. And, to my amazement, it passed off without a hitch. All six events I was organising, all 49 things happening at once, all 140-odd people… seamless. Lunches, taxis, telephones, all present and correct as and when needed.

I am pleased, yet not entirely sure I can bring myself to believe it. Strumpetville works; it is admitted and found proved!

No rest from Frumpella, I fear; all the other work I have neglected is becoming pressing so onward and ever upward on that score. But it should get a bit easier from now on; phew.

I had become slightly concerned about the level of work, in that it risked impacting on my relationship. The continuing disruption caused by the snow here on Airstrip One meant Fella was relying on me to host him when he couldn’t go home. I really don’t know how people with children manage it, especially single parents. I have a boyfriend who stays a few nights a week and a mildly demanding office job and balancing the two has been really tough.

I don’t mean he’s demanding or anything. It’s making the quality time to be with him whilst also meeting the needs of my work. Cooking, cleaning, sleeping, and of course sex – all are affected by having him around.

Fortunately all continues absolutely swimmingly marvellously well. Tomorrow I am dressing up in a dinner jacket and going to the ball at the Royal College where Fella works. I wonder if there will be dancing… Fella and I have tried but we both try to lead!

When getting my dinner jacket for the ball I was surprised to discover my chest has gone down to 38 inches. It was 42 not so long ago. It’s not so easy to notice because my waist has gone from 36 inches to 32. I suppose it’s yet another illustration of my ongoing health issues. I has some blood tests and all appears well but as planned I have been referred on for more tests at the local hospital, so we wait ever on.

So there we have it. Here we are. Dull, I wonder? Well, there’s more to come so stick with me gentle reader. Let's see what happens next...


MadeInScotland said...

Sounds to me as if all is good, welcome and well earned in the Strumpetville garden of Frumpella.

Jus' (as we say here in US) keep trimming your bush!

Antony said...

I'm glad to read all remains well.

" I wonder if there will be dancing… Fella and I have tried but we both try to lead!"

Ha ha so you both think you wear the trousers in the relationship.

A x

Mike said...

It was rather amusing when we first tried to dance. Fortunately there were plenty of lovely ladies at the ball to accomodate Fella's wish to lead. Because I wear the trousers!