Monday, 18 January 2010

Lady luck

Lady luck has been somewhat fickle with her finger most recently, gentle reader; indeed it has been quite the roller-coaster ride.

Thursday and Friday were excellent! My first major project since getting promoted came to its climax. As any project manager knows, when a project has had three different project managers in four months it’s time to worry. But I managed to steer the ship into port – everything, and I do mean everything, went perfectly. I can hardly believe it now…

On Friday I was genuinely surprised to be the subject of an inordinate amount of praise. I was summoned to meet the chief executive of the NHS, no less, to receive his personal thanks; my own chief executive bought me a bottle of very nice champagne and all the directors came together to give me a standing ovation.

No, it was not a dream! It was mortifying but nice… in its own way. Of course I tried to make clear that (a) I didn’t deserve this adulation (b) I’m keeping the champagne and (c) don’t expect me to make a habit of actually, you know, getting things done.

Actually it was really, really hard work and on Friday I was a bit demob happy. After work I went to the Annual Ball at the Royal College where Fella works and we ate, drank and danced the night away. It was a lovely end to a full week.

Sadly it was then our luck began to run out. Fella had some lovely pictures taken of us at no small expense, and I left them behind at the ball; so on Saturday I went back and even rooted through the bins to try and find them. But I couldn’t. I was very, very upset because those pictures meant a lot to Fella and I really feel like I’ve badly let him down.

I was NOT best pleased to be confronted by this, though Fella was fine with it really. I on the other hand feel like a total dick. I’ve never really let anyone down as such before. Not like this.

So all in all it was a bittersweet end of the week that was for me. Fella assures me he had a very lovely weekend and I did try to make it up to him in the nicest possible way… Still, it’s time to think of something very special to help convince him to stick with me! And as our ten months comes up very very close to a certain date in February a plan doth begin to form…


MadeInScotland said...

do you mean my birthday on nth February, by chance?


Mike said...

Yes, of course!