Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Looking ahead...

It’s almost February. Yes, this is the first of many startling revelations in this post!

No, nothing remarkably new to report. Work remains busy, but I dimly perceive we’ve passed the peak of this particular project so I can get back into a more regular work/life balance.

Tomorrow I am seeing Fella. We’re having a quiet night in, a film, a nice dinner. I want to buy him a present of some sort because helped me find a restaurant for Thursday night too. That is when I’m out with ‘A’ and ‘F’ and – this is how long it’s been – I can give them their Christmas present; I picked them up in Germany and I got them each a book too so I hope they will like them.

Friday we’re going out to a club… I’m not sure of the details ,but Fella won it in some kind of competition. It’s important I reign in my work commitments as I’m on strict instructions to have my dancing legs on!

This in turn leads us to a quiet weekend…

My mission for February is to spend as little money as humanly possible. I need to save and because Fella has a much lower income than I do I feel guilty when he buys things. To stray off topic for a moment; he and I visited friends for lunch on Sunday and we alighted on the topic of living together. I’ve got a rough idea of how much he can afford to spend on rent; and he seemed keen on paying half the rent were we ever to share a home. Unfortunately if what he can afford were half the rent, then the rent would be no more than what I can pay on my own.

I therefore suggested he pays what he can afford; I pay what I can afford and we both get to live somewhere nice than we could have had separately.

Anyway, I have a decent income but rarely have much left at the end of a month. So there must be more discipline.

I am sure you have identified the exception to this, gentle reader; Valentine’s day. Made up holiday? Perhaps. Saccharine sweetness that in past years has made me vomit myself into a desiccated husk? Sure. But this one time, dangnamit, I want a proper Valentine’s day. With my man.

So that’ll be a bit of money – and well worth it too.


Antony said...

All sounds good.

A x

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