Wednesday, 2 December 2009


December already! It will be 2010 before you know it… the third year of Strumpetville. I’m writing this after packing for the flight to Germany tomorrow; I’m waiting for Fella to come home.

I spent more money than is strictly safe making sure I look as good as possible, and capitalising on my recent, admittedly involuntary, weight loss. I am vexed by the fact the rain has quite ruined my new coat, Grrrr. But I have new everything to show off when I see my family tomorrow, not the least of which his my man!

My illness continues unabated. I am being sent for yet more tests, and am under strict instructions to get the results at an appointment with a doctor, rather than over the ‘phone. The options are looking increasingly rough, but I’ll keep you informed gentle reader…. I am well below my ideal weight, though this does attract some favourable comments so I’m determined to keep the weight off and turn it into yet more rippling gorgeousness.

On the plus plus plus side I applied for a promotion recently and, to my continuing shock, I got the job. Yay me. I said YAY!

What will my new role be? Ah, well, this is the British public sector. So, let me try to explain…

How it works is, I have demonstrated the skills and experience to be promoted to a certain grade. Now my employer must cast about for a particular role commensurate with the elevated heights reached by your cheerful fairy correspondent. In practice this means on Monday or Tuesday I shall be whisked away to a new desk, team, role and… be left to get on with it. Frying pan meet fire? Let us hope not.

Fella bought me a takeaway Pizza and some fizzy wine to celebrate on Monday night which was rather nice. In truth I was kinda looking forward to a quiet night in, given the rest of the week will be so hectic. But why look a gift boyfriend in the mouth? I love him really… so can’t complain :-)

Last night I was well and truly on the lash with friends ‘A’ and ‘F’ and as such I am massively sleep deprived and hung over – a good night indeed. I think we may have to avoid the Boat for a while… but I also think I deserved to celebrate.

So there we are, Christmas a coming and here I am. Tired, promoted, in love, ill, happy.


Monty said...

Congratulations on your promotion Mike! Hope your trip to Germany exceeds expectations! Lots of hugs! xxx

Antony said...

Have a lovely time in Germany.

Take care of yourself, I'm sure the doctors will find out what's wrong with you and sort out an appropriate treatment.

Congratulations on the job - let us all know how it goes!


A x

Nik_TheGreek said...

Enjoy your holiday!!! Take lot's of pictures (for us to see)...
Sorry to hear about your health issues though. I wish the best for you...

Congratulations on the job promotion! YAY!!!!!!!!

Gauss Jordan said...

Good luck, Mike.

And congrats on the job!

Let me know how you handle the grandkids question... I may be facing the same question in a month or so from a panel of relatives.

Mike said...

Thanks all. I still am very pleased; and will post very soon about the new and exciting workload I've been given ;-)