Thursday, 26 November 2009

Us time

I want this weekend to be all about Fella and me. But mostly Fella. We haven’t seen each other for almost a week, and absence surely does make the heart grow fonder! He is working on Saturday night, but apart from that I think I can make his weekend with me worth his while!

The main reason for this is that next week we’re travelling to Germany and that seems to mark the start of our Christmas season. After that it’s work parties and seeing mutual friends and his family for Christmas and some kind of New Year thing to round it all off… So I think it would be nice to spend some time together before it all kicks off.

It being our first Christmas I am beginning to think about the things I need to do. What kind of presents to get; and when to give them to him. Where we should go out etc. Funnily enough when I think of Christmas with Fella I think of Valentine’s day; I’m not sure what it is that makes the association in my mind, though I suspect we don’t need Dr Freud do we, gentle reader?

One of the nicer things about our relationship is that we have begun to have a fair number of mutual friends so I do think our December will be a busy one. I think Christmas itself will be quite a challenge, as I don’t really know his family – met his mother a couple of times, the father and brother once. At a funeral. So three days with little food, no booze and [the horror] only four TV channels – oh, and a single bed to boot.

Well, I’ve made it quite clear I’ll come up after work on 24th and be back on 27th; I’ve preferred to spend Christmas this last few years with friends, and 2008 is a matter of record on this very blog… the family thing has not been a big thing for me.

On the plus side I know Fella is very excited about Germany and is currently convinced that there will be snow and lederhosen and blonde girls in pig-tails yodelling. Bless ‘im; perhaps he won’t be disappointed. Though if we do get snowed in, well my family are certainly no greater a prospect than his… Southern Germany ain’t no Strumpetville. But the most important thing is that he has a good time.

And as for this weekend, Fella has requested curry for dinner. And then I think perhaps a film, and after that…


Nik_TheGreek said...

love the image of people in leberhosen, and the blonde girls yodelling all around.
I don't know exactly to which area of Germany you're going, but are you travelling back in time as well?
Enjoy the holiday season with Fella!

Mike said...

I doubt even the most ardent traditionalist would be out in his lederhosen in the Alpine winter. No doubt once the yodelling and pigtails are done tje lonely goatherd could make a fine family car or engineer something else equally precise!! Well, you'll read all about it here :-)