Sunday, 8 November 2009


At the moment I’m pretty busy. That’s nothing new, of course; but squeezing in 50-plus hour weeks, my social life and of course my relationship with Fella is really tough sometimes. This week, for example, I have not less than 10 hour days, evenings out Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and – as I’m going for promotion at the moment – a fair bit of paperwork related to that to do. That’s life, and it’s better to be busy than not at all. But there are things I want to do that would require yet more time.

Part of my work involves sharing and disseminating expertise so that really challenged healthcare providers improve their performance. The people that I work with to do that are really inspiring; and for some time I’d been thinking about doing some kind of evening course related to my career. Recently both ideas have coalesced into a wish to undertake a master’s degree.

Two nights a week for at least two years. Plus studying, research, revising and exams. Doable – so long as there are no classes on a Friday!! £5,000… that’s less easy; but again it CAN be done. I’m proceeding on the basis I won’t get time off or financial support from work of course. If I can, well, that would be great. If not, well, that would be that.

There is of course the worry that I’ll be taking on too much at once but on the other hand it would be good for my career; and as I enjoy learning and being challenged it would, I think, be beneficial on many levels.

The money side of things is a bit tougher. I am thinking about rather dull grown-up stuff like pensions, saving for a house, and other things. Taking a chunk out of that will be quite a call on my resources. Though there would be plenty of time to save as the course might not start till next September.

Well, I’ve really got an interest in doing it so, although I’ll need to do more research before I find exactly the right course and institution, this is definitely something I want.

And you know how much I like to get what I want gentle reader ;-)

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etre-moral-etre-sincere said...

Good luck with all of that Mike - sounds tough but I am sure you'll find a good way through ;-)