Monday, 16 November 2009

Six months

It’s about 3:45am GMT on 16 November 2009, as I’m sitting here typing this on my laptop in the dark, bit of cheesy pop on the headphones. Fella is asleep, snoring quite loudly, bless ‘im, but I can’t sleep because I’ve been kept awake by my illness. My, as yet diagnosed, condition keeps me awake some nights as I go through peaks and troughs. Been in a bit of a trough recently, which is a shame. On the plus side the weight’s been dropping off me [nervous laughter] so it’s not all bad. This is due to my recent aversion to anything alcoholic or chocolate, and my nascent fondness for light salads and early nights.

What the hell kind of illness does that to a young gayer about town, eh? It’s like some kind of anti-vampirism. But it still sucks, haha!

Nevertheless there was the chance to quaff some fizzy stuff and partake in a delicious meal cooked by Fella last night as it was our six-month anniversary*

Yes, indeed; six months. I think that puts him pretty much in the lead in terms of sheer sticktoitiveness, ahead of all the other boyfriends and boyfriendettes on the scene since I started this blog.

And let us not forget, gentle reader, that this is merely the beginning. I am spending Christmas with him at his parents (eek) and our eight month anniversary coincides with the annual ball at the Royal College where Fella works.

In addition the visit to my mother has been booked and sorted; she apparently is perfectly happy for us to visit and proclaims herself to be never so open-minded. I suspect a wee bird has tweeted in her ear about not being quite so… her. But so far so good. Fella is very excited; he is convinced we shall be flying into a winter wonderland of lederhosen and girls in pigtails. As we’re going from 3rd to 6th December, I suppose you never can tell. As not the world’s best flyer I hope the snow holds off to a certain extent!

So soon it will be time to think of Christmas presents for my gorgeous guy, and planning for his anticipated move back to London in the New Year – we both agree we’re not ready to move in yet, not by a long way. It’s funny how relationships develop; mutual friendships, mutual plans. Though that is a subject for another post; in the meantime it’s 4:11 and I wonder if snuggles might help me sleep for a little while.

*strictly speaking it should be sixth mensiversary or half-anniversary or something but that’s a bit clunky and you know what I mean when I mangle English in this way, n’est pas?


etre-moral-etre-sincere said...

Happy anniversary Mike! Looking forward to your anniversary in the classical sense :)

Get better soon!

Nik_TheGreek said...

Happy anniversary!!
I’m glad to hear about your upcoming nice plans as well. Enjoy
Regarding your health: try to drink many liquids, rest and enjoy your bf…
You’ll be fine

Antony said...

Well done on getting to six months!! The next six months will fly by! Just watch out for the rocky period between 8 - 12 months (as you both decide in your subconcious if you want to be with this one long term!).

Ha ha you could tell what time it was when you wrote this blog post lol.

A x

Monty said...

I can't believe it's 6 months already!!!!!!!!!!! And yet, I know when McBrad and I hit our 6 month anniversary (I know, it's not correct English but meh!), everyone was surprised at how quickly time passed. It's AWESOME that you and Fella are going well. I'm very proud of you my friend! I hope you two have a WONDERFUL Christmas together - the first one together is a very special one!!! Lots of hugs! xxx

Mike said...

Thanks all. It certainly has flown by. Not sure about this 8 to 12 month rocky patch is - explain, please?? But before then I really do hope I get better (not ful for Fella, bless 'im).

MadeInScotland said...

Happy anniversary.

I'm sitting at Heathrow waiting to board a thus-far delayed flight. It's the wind (at Heathrow, not mine) causing the problem.

Is your flight early morning? If so, watch out for the fog! Not dangerous, just another delay maker.


Mike said...

Yes, the flight is at 7; wqhich actually means taking off in the dark too. God, I hate flying!