Thursday, 31 March 2011


Well, spring has sprung gentle reader. The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming... all is well.

Yes, all is well. Fella and I have gone some good way to patching things up. For quite a while there I was ambivalent at best about our relationship but right now things are looking much more positive. To help cement this renaissance we did something we’d danced around for some time... we bought a car.

A blue Volkswagen golf, christened Morag, and proudly ensconced in our garage as a symbol of putting the past behind us.

The car will make it a lot easier for us; I have already planned the road-trip to visit my mother in Germany – no more silly baggage restrictions meaning we can’t take home some nice German wines, bring gifts etc. And we can make it scenic and touristy on the way. It also means I can go to the garden centre and get some proper, plants and soil for our large balcony, which will give me a chance to indulge my green fingers.

Plus, we are soon to go on holiday to a cottage in Wales with some friends, and the car will be invaluable for that too.

Yes, having a car is good.

Having a fiancé? Well, that’s OK too!

And spring is in the air...

Actually what I need to do is make some big changes. I think recent events are the culmination of a long slow build up of pressures in a variety of areas, and it’s time for me to address the fact that in some areas I am truly unhappy. Obviously when someone is unhappy in one area then it can impact on other areas of their life.

The two main areas are my work and my health; or more accurately my level of fitness. But the headline has to be Getting What I Want.

Focussing on that will mean less leaning on my relationship for support, or using the fact that I am trying to make a relationship work as an excuse to accept a whole load of crap. Our relationship will always require effort and work, naturally; but it doesn’t mean I should let the other areas slip – or do things by myself.

I’ll bog more over the next few posts about exactly that the problems are and how I want to tackle them. But on the positive side Fella and I continue well enough and that’s a good foundation to tackle the other things.


MadeInScotland said...

Fitness first, alcohol last! Glad to hear it's all on a positive for you; nice one with the car.

I know exactly what you mean about the compost....


Mike said...

Indeed :-)

Very much enjoying having the car too!

Antony said...

Owwe a car and road trips how exciting!

I know how you feel about work, at the moment the pressures on for all us public sector workers. We've been made a risk of redundancy, yet once they've got rid of a lot of staff the workload is likely to stay the same or increase.

As a trained Nurse and Youth Worker, if it weren't for the young people I work with - I would really regret going in to public service. I never expected or wanted to be rich, but the current economic situation is horrible to live and work in.

I am still learning, but happiness to me is more important than anything. As what's the point in spending life unhappy?

Glad to hear things have improved with fella!

Take cate,

A x