Saturday, 1 January 2011


Well it's that time of year gentle reader. A New Year in fact. So time for some resolutions.

Where to begin? Well, there's plenty that needs improving! But there is in all things the art of the possible... so where to begin?

1) Health. I've had the damn gym membership for six month - and people have complemented me on the use of it, but I need to do it more regularly. Because I was ill for such a long time my weight went up and down quite a lot and I am, now I can actually digest what I eat, pushing the boundaries of overweight. So, my stomach having more farewell tours than Cher... but back on the diet again. Hey, I'm still 22 lbs below my maximum weight in 2008...

2) Appearance. I'm 34 - I can't get away with wearing just anything any more. Plus I'm well paid, and (1) notwithstanding I'm not some freakish homunculus shambling along frightening small animals and children. I should pay more attention to what I choose to wear. Fella is very good at clothes; I never have been though I don't dress badly. Plus, what the hey, I am gay - so I can enjoy pampering myself and making the best of what I am blessed with. Manicures, facials and exfoliated oh my!

3) Money. I've made quite a good start on saving, but it is likely I will be made redundant in April 2012. And that means yet another call on my money, in terms of saving more. Well, as (1) means less booze there's a saving there... though (2) might negate that. Anyway, in general frugality will be the watchword for 2011.

4) Studying - one term down, and so far so good. But a research degree isn't taught so much as studied and my innate laziness and talent for procrastination will no doubt mean all-nighters and last minute panic if I'm not careful. As my experience with my first essay taught me... This of course means being more disciplined; and that sadly means forcing myself not so spend time with Fella :-(

Yes, living together can have that down side - if we were apart then we would spend time apart. Fortunately Fella is not a morning person so getting up early on the weekends covers most of my needs. Still, ruthlessness and a good alarm clock are the way forward!

5) Working. It's time to look at my career options, what with April 2012 looming. Get serious, cheerful fairy! I must, must, think about the gaps in my CV and opportunities I want to explore to make me the bestest of the bestest fairy. I've done a lot in my current role, but the main problems are solved, things are running smoothly enough that bureaucracy is my biggest problem... and I'd rather not coast over the finish line.

So where does this take me? I suspect I come across as some wannabe narcissistic superman - but no. I don't want to let myself down, or anyone else. There's my Fella to look after, and the wedding the plan for. I want stuff too of course, but my self-esteem is bound up more in what other people see in me than perhaps it ought - and my self confidence needs boosts like the above! So, justification done, resolutions done, happy New Year. Here goes!

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