Monday, 6 December 2010

Look but don't touch...

Oh there's ever such a lot of eye candy about. I'm not the best looking guy in the world, and in fact am somewhat obsessive about the flaws in my appearance (not uncommon among gay men I've found). Still, sometimes I do feel like a bit of a looker. I compare myself to other guys on my train and think "yeah, not bad". But that's rare.

Sometimes I am quite overwhelmed by the number of great looking guys about. Certainly I often feel the need to raise my game. I'm definitely no complaining though, about the talent around.

Being in a relationship means I can take time out from the whole world of worry around - does he find me attractive? Do I look good? Will he want to date me? Will he want to sleep with me?

I like being considered attractive, and I'm not letting myself go just because I'm with Fella - I'm still very much a work in progress. But there is something very nice about being able to look without having to worry about touching. I can appreciate, for the first time, hot and horny guys. There a fair few of them about.

I don't really like very, very beautiful men - it's an unwelcome reminder of my own ordinarinous [whatever that is]. I'm not into muscle marys, very young guys, very camp guys... I do have a weakness for slim, nerdy geeky type guys. Overall, though, I like just looking. The well dressed, in shape, well groomed man.

It's an expression of sexuality, but not sex. I'm not looking to play away. That very fact underpins the freedom to look, to appreciate the loveliness around me. Coming out makes it OK to look - no more for the furtive glances. Now I can drink it in!

I think it's well worth it gentle reader. Though I might be considered a bit pervy eyeing up people who might be considered a little out of my league. It's harmless fun. Both harmless and fun.


Antony said...

I think it's normal to look. Indeed ex-partners of mine and I have looked together (and no that ain't the reason we split up ha ha!).

I like the 'ordinary man', if I had a type it would be them! I'm not in to muscle or skinny, etc. But what makes good eye candy to me is someone who is attractive but doesn't realise it and has an air of charisma.

Oh in case I don't get chance to comment before Christmas have a great one with Fella.

A xxx

Single Guy said...

Great blog! good to know some people find Mr right! My search continues...and I loose hope he's not out there!

Mike said...

What is Charisma? Sex appeal... I wish I had it, though it's moot now. I don't have too much of a type but... I will admit very overweight is off putting! I guess we look for what we want to be...