Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Bunking up

Fella and I have lived together for nearly six months now, and so far so good. The occasional row, the occasional dinner party. Domestic bliss. Some routines have been settled into well; he cooks, I iron. Throw in a frilly apron and you’ve have a scene from the 1950s.

When we only spent a few nights a week together it was... urgent in some ways to take full advantage of the situation. In a small room, in a shared house, only a few hours together it was important to be together. However, it always being the same nights in the week there was always a risk that things would develop a routine in the bedroom as much as in any other area of life. And... not having your own place made options somewhat limited for us.

Now imagine that, gentle reader (not too graphically if you please!) – me in a monogamous relationship with my man; but we’re together two or three nights a week; and our freedom of... expression is strictly limited (though if memory serves we pushed the boundaries a few times).

Now spool forward to moving in; the opportunities are endless – or seemingly so. We’re together much more than we used to be, and can arrange our busy schedules to be together much more easily too.

But – there’s a lot more to being together, and intimacy, than the physical side of things. I like sex, I mean I really do. And I’ve put myself about a bit, as has Fella. Yet every aspect of coming out, being a proper out-there gay man has been about living life, finding love, not wanting to be alone. I’ve enjoyed the experiences I’ve had... and I’ve had them. So, like dating, moving in and getting engaged, there via the process of getting to what’s next.

Having a partner who is good in bed, adventurous and enquiring, is very nice. I will confess now that I have in my time purchased one or two special items, as I’m sure most of us have, that live tucked discreetly in a drawer. Fella, to my amazement, has a drawer veritably bursting at the seams. Very little chance there of things getting stale, sex getting samey. A full and engaging sex life is and will for a long time be a big part of my relationship.

Still, the intimacy is not fully served with sex alone. Sex, as I mentioned, is great – but I’ve always found that being with one person and learning their likes and wants is a far more worthwhile investment than being with lots of people for a short time (though it has its moments).

When Fella comes home tonight I might peel his clothes off with my teeth or we might curl up on the sofa and take in a film. Both have their merits and their attraction. And the thing about being together the way we are is, if we don’t do one thing or another tonight: well, we can do it tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.


MadeInScotland said...

glad to hear it! a very Merry Christmas to you Mike and to Fella. All the best for 2011.


BosGuy said...

Sounds like a fantastic prospect. I might try the same w/ my 'fella' when he returns from his trip.

Nik_TheGreek said...

That's a very nice post. I'm glad you've found a balance and a domestic life that's appropriate for you and make you happy.
Since you haven't mentioned anything, I assume that the 'alcohol' issue is a thing of the past?

Mike said...

Ah, the achohol issue... yes, I will have to post about that!

Antony said...

Hi Mike,

What a lovely blog post which is beautifully written and I completely agree with.

My new fella has a sex draw too, love the adventurous and boundary-pushing side (although certain boundaries we are both happy not to push sexually, i.e water sports - just not for us).

But indeed the intimacy is about more than sex, spending time together, talking, bonding and maintaining that bond.

Have a fab christmas. Love me,

A z