Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hogzilla Returns

I've put on weight gentle reader; there's no denying it. Not lots, but it's all fat. Boo!

It's not really surprising. The holiday in Germany – bratwurst, beer and dumplings oh my – didn't help; plus I wasn't taking much exercise over there. Also, Fella is an in insanely good cook. I'm not bad, I will admit – but I may as well serve up a raw stoat with swastikas shaved into its fur. Finally, since I got better, my body no longer enjoys calories solely from the whooshing noise they make as they passed through une system digestif grand vitesse.

The thing about living with a great cook is a routine of rowing, running, swimming and resistance training is only enough to stand still. And the thing about yo-yoing in weight due to my illness is I lose rippling gorgeousness and gain lard. So... Hogzilla remains Hogzilla. I've almost come full circle; although I'm still about 15kg/33lbs less than I was when I came out. Now that's progress!

Well, what can be done to tone up? Diet and exercise of course! Well, not just that. There are wider issues at stake here. I've been feeling a bit like a shambling oaf this last few weeks and think I need a general tune up to shake off that frumpy feeling.

Once I've toned up a bit more I can look at other areas of my life. So first things first:

  • Running twice a week after work with friends and colleagues. We're up to eight km (five miles) per run. Our little group has become the organisation's official running club so there's quite a few of us lumbering around the parks of Strumpetville now
  • The gym three times a week – resistance training to add the soupcon of rippling gorgeousness
  • Swimming and using the rowing machine to do a few km as well.

Plus; lifestyle.

  • Booze – only on Tuesdays (I love Better Off Ted) and Fridays/Saturdays – and not more than 10 units a week regardless.
  • Low calorie! Sorry Fella, gourmet you may be, but my wobbly bits are getting too wobbly.
  • Not letting work pressures disrupt my routine.

That should do it, though I'm realistic enough to know there won't be speedy results. What I really want is to feel a bit better about myself. The heavens may well be slack jawed in wonder at my temerity, given how lucky I have been over the last couple of years, with my relationship, career and so on. Nevertheless, it isn't nice to feel frumpy and unattractive a lot of the time, especially after having made so much progress. And therefore things need to change. And making the change is half the battle, no?


Wendy said...

I'm not meaning to sound "trite" but I bet you would never dis your best-friend calling him/her "Hogzilla"! shame on you ;) It's one thing to not feel healthy, it's another to say you don't look good, which is largely (no pun intended) societies fault. Whether one is a man/woman or somewhere in between, not all of us can have the genetics so we look like heroin addicts or super models. Be kinder to yourself. Fella loves you, right? :)

Mike said...

That is all very true - I'd never refer to someone else that way! But this blog details the history of the name... and I suppose the kind of person that needs something to work for. I don't want to be a supermodel! But super and model... maybe ;-)