Sunday, 18 April 2010

Show me love :-)

Fella and I show our love in different ways. He likes the quiet-night-in, with cuddles and hugs. And he's very affectionate when we are out and about. Actually he and I have had some hassle when out and about and my feelings for him can manifest as an extraordinary protectiveness (I sometimes need to remind myself he's an adult and can probably make it to the shops by himself if he wants to)

I don't find it easy to discuss the depth of feeling I have for him and when I'm experiencing things with him. I try to show my love through the grand gesture; romance, passion. I am far less subtle than him. I do think, though, we have a good balance: the hugs and cuddles at home; the intimate moments that could come at any time; the cultural and social exploration we embark on together.

Along the way there are the usual milestones. I think Fella in particular takes great delight in making his and our friends vomit themselves into a desiccated husk at how 'loved up' he is... and of course our One Year Anniversary is coming up. Fella boasts of some wonderful gift that he has bought. In my mind it assumes massive proportions of wonderousness. What am I to do, gentle reader?? I cast about and rack my brains. I am on the lookout for the Grand Gesture that will mark the anniversary's passing in appropriate style.

Fortunately events have given me a little bit of a break. You see, Fella rather amusingly booked a trip to Brighton with friends on the very day of our anniversary (15 May). He's never been good with dates, bless 'im. So when I tentatively pointed out the clash of dates he was quite distraught at his spontaneous thoughtlessness. I'll admit I did enjoy twisting the knife just a teensy bit... but the truth is it didn't bother me too much. I'm going along to Brighton with them. It's Strumpetville on Sea, you see, and I haven't been since I was a teenager and spectacularly failed to get into any venues of interest (oh my).

The deal, to "make it up to me" is Fella and I take a couple of hours out for a nice lunch or perhaps dinner, just him and I: and we take a day off either the Friday or the Monday, to celebrate properly.

In many repsects this a but a temporary respite. I still need that gift of gifts. Yes, flowers and chocolate. The infrastructure underpinning the giving of the gifts. I saw some hand-made champagne flutes on the South Bank engraved with hearts, and I thought a pair of them might be a good start. I was tempted with a trip to Berlin but we're going back to Germany in the summer to revisit my motherette anyway... and after Paris it has the air of the Been Done about it. I did think, as Fella likes his wine and his chocolate, about a trip to Vinopolis – a wine theme park in London for a chocolate and wine tasting evening; I am farily sure I'll go for that but it lacks the proper "wow" factor about it.... oh, I don't know. What do you get for someone who isn't materialistic and loves you totally and is content to lie in your arms of an evening?! Ideas on a scented lace postcard, please.


MadeInScotland said...

the first anniversary is celebrated by paper and cotton; fold him a little origami figure, stitch him a=something special.


Mike said...

Oh that's a good idea... I'll look into that :-)

Antony said...

Oh that's a hard one Mike. I dunno. I guess time together is the most important thing, no matter what you do.

Sorry I've haven't been blogging/reading/commenting recently.

Things have have been really busy as I prepare to move to Benidorm for 6 months to be with me bf.


A x

Mike said...

Six months abroad! Wow, that IS a nice present :-)