Monday, 12 April 2010

Queen Bee/Busy Bee

As you know gentle reader I do enjoy being busy. And for a change the cheerful fairy is a busy bee not because of work, but because of all the other things. Actually, since the election was called work has been incredibly quiet. A new financial year when there is no money and no-one knows who will be in charge in a month doesn't quite support the frenetic pace to which I have become used...

The weekend, for example, was very busy. On Friday Fella and I had a colleague of his and mutual friend over for dinner. I hadn't seen her for a little while, partly because my illness has disrupted our social plans.

On Saturday he treated me to a bit of culture – we went to see a play called The Little Dog Laughed. Fellow blogger Made In Scotland saw the play a few months ago and wrote his review then. The day we saw it turned out to be the last day of the run; I have to say from our perspective it was great and the cast appeared to have ironed out the issues MIS identified then. Tamsin Greig was excellent; though the male leads didn't really play with such depth she totally stole the show with her interactions with the audience (though none of them could sustain an American accent). On the other hand the male actors were hot hot hottentot hotties so it's all good.

The play was essentially about a Hollywood movie star considering coming out after meeting a guy and falling for him; and it was, naturally, quite poignant for me so I found it very absorbing. Very funny and very sad. It was very good indeed.

On Sunday I attend the Big Gay Flashmob outside Conservative Party Headquarters with Fella and a few friends. If perchance you are non-British, gentle reader, the Conservatives are the part of Margaret Thatcher. Not very socially enlightened. The party has a real chance of forming the next Government. It pays lip service to equality for homosexuals but it never quite rings true and there are scandals like the comments by a recent prominent Conservative who said, in essence, that in some circumstances people should be free to deny homosexuals services if they so wish (as a matter of personal or religious conviction). Also, the Conservatives are aligned in the European Parliament with some figures alleged to have very right wing views – anti semitic, homophobic etc, which jars with the weasel words on being gay for domestic UK consumption. The party isn't aligned with these people because it's anti-semitic; but they share the same views on preventing further European integration. I don't think that's good enough reason to restrict the rights of 10% of the population. You can see some of the coverage here.

Afterward we all went out for drinks and in Soho met up with various other people until it became quite a boozy affair – my favourite kind to be sure. It was really nice to be in a social group of just gay men. I don't do that enough. The conversation was predictably filthy; and it was a lot of fun.

So that was the weekend that was! All manner of gay stuff and a good mix too. Well, when in Strumpetville...


MadeInScotland said...

It's great isn't it - and Harry Lloyd is super sexy when he strips.


Mike said...

It was a scene I remember with great fondness :-)