Saturday, 13 March 2010


Right now both Fella and I are looking for places to live. It’s a peculiar dance that we do; who will move first?

He needs to move back to London, out of the (very salubrious and welcoming, to be sure) parental home: for the convenience; to be near to me; work; friends (not necessarily in that order).

I would like to move because after a year with the Gardener his ways are beginning to grate – as those of you who are friend to me on Facebook may know perhaps too well! Suffice it to say, kind and generous though he is in so many ways, his lack of consideration and peculiar ways in others makes me think it is time to get going.

Today both Fella and I looked at a number of properties; and no doubt we will make our respective choice in due course. Doing this has been most helpful for me in one respect – that of the Next Step of the Big Plan.

You know the Big Plan right, gentle reader? We all have one – the mortgage/marriage/children/death plan. I have alluded to mine – or, perhaps better, ours – when I occasionally lift my rose-tinted glasses to spy the glitter of diamond rings in the distance.

Anyway, anyway; what does occur to me is that the bestest best thing is for Fella to get his London pad.

Yes, that’s it. Sometimes we needn’t make more sophisticated arguments than the ones right in-front of us. When he’s in London the pressure of careful planning when and how we can be together is lifted; plus a couple of days at mine a weeks translates to a couple of days at his – and a couple of days apart.

Thus the less good pressures on my domestic situation are ameliorated somewhat. I have an escape clause and a lesser need to need the Gardener to my will [oo-er].

Fella wants his own space. For an angst ridden yet Cheerful Fairy like Strumpella this desire is normally guaranteed to make me Angsty McAngst. But it’s reasonable. He needs HIS space and it’s ideal that he’d be a few short minutes away from me (our proximity a precondition you see).

Anyway, anyway, I alluded to a plan, a plan… And here it is. A plan within a plan if you will: He moves, takes a year lease and at the end of the lease… well then we move in together. I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to make it two years hehe! But the plans remains...

What can I tell you? It’s so good to be here. This point in my life works; everything’s coming together nicely. I’m no fool – much more a coward than an idiot – I know there’ll be downs as well as ups. But, and this is the very thing about the plan; it averages out as UP. And I’m never happier than right up Fella ;-)


Gauss Jordan said...

It makes quite a bit of sense. :-)

*I* have a plan that's somewhat similar, but it's tied to my finances... my financial planner knows that I'm in some way looking for a boyfriend, and that within four years (five years from when we wrote "the plan"), I wanted to sell my house, and either move downtown and live the single guppie / yuppie lifestyle for a few years, or buy one a bigger house with a partner. :-)

Monty said...

Excellent plan!!! That's precisely what McBrad and I have done and it's working out splendidly!!! Fingers and toes are crossed for you both! :-)

Mike said...

It seems we gayers are good with the plans... excellent! You're more advanced than me, Monty - but then I follow your path in all things. The sun sure is shining in Strumpetville!