Thursday, 25 March 2010


I have taken a couple of weeks off work gentle reader . Not for any particular reason, you understand, but to use up my annual leave. Or at least some; as a public sector employee I have a realtively generous allowance of 37 days; given the hours I have to sometimes work it’s impossible to take it all and even with these two weeks I still lose a few days.

Fortunately my projects are finished; it is the end of the financial year; and with a general election in the offing there are few new workstreams being initiated.

Now, I could very much get used to this not-working business. In my daydreams I can see myself as a gentlefairy of leisure; long walks in the morning, improving my mind in my private library in the afternoon, and entertaining in the evening…

So far I’ve spring-cleaned my rooms; and taken in my laptop for a service (it’s breaking down, but fortunately Fella has lent me his in the interim). I am going to the gym every day, and certainly feeling – and seeing – the benefits. In other news my masters application has been submitted; fingers crossed about that. I shall be a dreadfully embarrassed fairy if I don’t get in.
Tomorrow I’m going back into hospital for yet more pokingand prodding. My Big Important Appointment is on 26 April so with luck all my tiresome health worries will be dealt with by the beginning of May.

Domestically all continues apace. It seems Camberwell is very much likely to be Fella’s London residence – again, moving at the beginning of May. It will be nice to have him in London for our one year anniversary in the middle of that month. This works out rather well as it gives me a couple of months to get myself together before I take the plunge and make my move.

Timely, then, that I came across a social housing provider that offers properties for a subsidised rent in return for the promise to buy somewhere in five years’ time. This fits in with the plan rather nicely and therefore I’m giving serious thought to getting my own place again…


Volodya/Vlad said...

It all sounds good. Good luck with all things planned!!!

Gauss Jordan said...

Enjoy your time. :-) I'm not sure what I'd do with that much consecutive vacation. I'd probably go stir crazy after a week.

Antony said...

How can you not have used your annual leave lol? Mines always gone ha ha and I get generous holidays too working for the local authority.

I have that day dream, I'd love to stay at home and write books ha ha.

Good luck with the hospital, I'm sure eventually they'll patch you up. My love and hugs - your in my thoughts.

Sounds like your plotting, lol, so are Boyfriend-W and me :P more to come shortly, hopefully next week.

Can't believe it's been nearly a year since you first blogged about Fella, doesn't time go far too quickly in some respects? I often call time "the enemy" when I'm with Boyfriend-W as it flies by.


A x x x

Mike said...

Oh, with flexitime and the freedome to occassionallywork at home I never got round to using the time. And it's not like I don't enjoy my job! Having said that the sheer tonnage of thingsI have to deal with have kept me very busy indeed!!