Saturday, 7 April 2012

There's a time and a place

Unbelievably Fella and I have got off our pert arses and actually started planning our civil partnership.

Immediately off on a rambling tangent – Fella calls it the “wedding” and that we are getting “married”. I call it registering a civil partnership; because that is what it is. So there. But if you are 'interested in participating in the UK Government’s consultation on giving us cheerful band of shirt lifting fairy types the upgrade, then you can do so here:
We have visited a few venues near to where we live: TheTudor Barn in Eltham, Eltham Palace, and Hall Place in Bexley.

Now, we love Eltham Palace, but we can’t really afford it – and we’d have to change our plans to accommodate the venue which I get a bit sniffy about considering what they’re asking.
The Tudor Barn is highly affordable and quite nice in its own way… but it didn’t set my world on fire. It’s not likely to be the place we pick.

Hall Place, however, is the Goldicocks venue. Affordable, beautiful, available, and enthusiastic about us being wedded there. The accommodation is just right and very flexible. And they appeal to our innate laziness by pretty much throwing everything in to the price, including the flowers. They have a nice package where they corral the suppliers, but we work with them each individually to meet our requirements which is just great. There’s even a hotel next door.
When I write ‘everything’ I of course use the word quite wrongly; they won’t do the cake or the rings, which Fella has farmed out to friends of ours – and the results of this I await with some trepidation…

Anyhoo. Because our families will be coming from Germany and Scotland, and our chosen day – our anniversary – happens to be a Wednesday so we think that the numbers will be quite small. Our initial guest list is about 60 something, and it may be many of them won’t be able to take the time off.
What we’re planning is an afternoon ceremony, and then a meal, drinks and dancing and then people can totter off in their own good time. At least that way people will only need to take half a day off work, and people can join us in the evening if they wish.
The next day… honeymoon.

We might look at one or two other places but I think we’re going to settle on this one… Have a look and tell me what you think J
I’m already thinking about the invites, what we’ll wear and sending out ‘save the date’ cards. What the hey; a project manager civil partnering an events planner – I think we’ll do alright. In the meantime Fella and I will be living like hermits for the next year to pay for it!


Antony said...

Oh Mike, that all sounds lovely.

Ha ha I'd marry you myself just for the day lol don't worry fella I'm joking.

Having everything in one place - the civil partnership and reception, not only cuts down on costs but apparently is very 'in'. I think it would be my preferred choice, my brother did it last year and it mean't they and their guests didn't have to trapse about.

If family members struggle to make it (especially those from Germany), you can always have a little do over there, next time you visit. All you need is a room, a buffet, some music or a DJ and then your're good to go. :-) Just a suggestion.

Glad your finally both getting into gear with the wedding. Take care,

A x

Mike said...

Well, I'm quite excited about the day now. Plus it being a weekday it makes sense to do everything in one place. Going over to Germany is an idea; sadly civil partnerships aren't quite the same there so we'll have to see how that works :-)

Nik_TheGreek said...

decisions, decisions, decisions...
I'd have troubles deciding as you have

Mike said...

I think we'll be going with this place; we've looked at others and we still rather like it... stya tuned :-)